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The Diana Mini Turns 5

One of my favourite plastic cams – the Diana Mini turns five. A wonderful device to carry around at every occasion. And it is loaded with 35mm film, so no hassle at all. Consider getting one, it is a perfect start into analogue photography. And thanks to Lomography for chosing one of my pics to advertise for it smile

See the ad here. See more of me at Lomography here.

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Barefoot Skateboarding


Why should you do this? Because it is a lot of fun, it makes you feel much more connected to the ground, and if you like barefoot walking anyway, this is a nice means to speed you up. But it is not for everybody, you need to like being barefoot in the city, and you need to accept some hard times for your feet. But it is worth it!

Be Aware

Please be aware that skateboarding needs some skill. And doing it barefoot is much more demanding. The first thing you need is a board without grip tape. Very suited are plastic boards like the Globe Bantam. It is made from plastic, and you can control it perfectly with bare feet.

But please be aware that a small board like this one is difficult to master, and doing it barefoot is even more demanding. You risk some injuries. Start slowly, with shoes, get to know your board.

Protect your Feet

Most important is practice. You can also try athletic taping, but since you use your foot to gain speed you will probably loose it quickly. Especially at the beginning, be careful, check you sole regularly, and when there is a blister coming up, stop. Also, be aware that there might be flinders and stuff lying around, always look where you step! You need to find routes which suite. Also, you might carry some Flip-Flops with you, since there might be a public toilet you do not want to step in barefoot, etc.

The Basics

You probably wont do magic tricks being barefoot. But you should be able to drive down and up a sidewalk. Remember that breaking with bare feet might me a painful experience wink Practice that, see this video for some basics:


Have fun! Enjoy being flexible, fast, and rooted. Don’t risk injuries, reclam the city!

And just in case you need some carpet, try this:

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